Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ABC's, 123's

Easter Egg Hunt



Clara is becoming interested in fashion. Not really, probably more interested in putting on articles of clothing all by herself. Sometime it makes for funny outfits. This is a onesie she tried to put over the outfit she was already wearing.

She is also very interested in Mommy's makeup. If Mommy isn't good about putting her makeup away or hiding her purse, Clara will usually get her hands on a tube of lip gloss as seen below. She is always very mad when she is caught and the lip gloss is taken away.

Eventually I had to get Clara her own "makeup"

My favorite is when Clara decides to clomp around in Mommy's shoes. Who knew walking in high heels could come so naturally!

Over the river and through the woods

Also in May 2011, Clara spent a week with Grandma and Papa Rogers in West Virginia while Clark and I took a trip to Washington D.C. Clara loves playing with Grandma on the organ or piano

One of her favorite parts about Grandma and Papa's house is their little playhouse in the back yard. Meals and naps were a little more difficult because first you had to drag Clara (usually kicking and screaming) out of the playhouse. It was so cute to see her play - things are always more fun when they are just your size!

Cupboard under the stair

These pictures and video were taken in May 2011. Clara was still referring to herself as "Caca" now she calls herself "Cawa." But for the longest time her favorite place to be while Mom was cooking in the kitchen was this little cabinet where I keep our Tupperware. It reminded me of Harry Potter and his cupboard under the stair. One of her favorite games to play is still a form on hide and seek where she hides and Mom is supposed to say "Where's Clara?" and she pops out and we all say "There she is!".

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter everyone; I know I'm a little late. I have two excuses: #1 I left the disk with all the pictures at my in-laws house and had to ask my friend to burn me another (she did so in record time) #2 My computer is a living dinosaur (something we hope to remedy in July) and several attempts to upload pictures were thwarted due to time or my computer refusing to cooperate.

This was not Clara's first Easter, but it was her first year to hunt for Easter eggs. I hid 12 of them but after about 6 she was done. She was much more interested in the egg's contents and totally lost interest in hunting for them. She is officially 18 months old (19 months now). She is becoming such a little jabber-er (?). She will pat me on the shoulder and say "dis is momma" and then patting herself, "Caca." She is trying to say CLARA - "L"s and "R"s are tricky I guess - I just wish she would include one of them so that it doesn't sound like she is speaking Spanish.

My dear friend took these pictures as a Mother's Day gift. Visit her blog at tashataylorphotography.blogspot.com; I think she did a beautiful job and goodness knows it takes a special person to coax a smile out of my Clara (she's kind of stingy with them). This was Clara's easter dress!